Dear Colleagues,

We are organizing Face Bosphorus meeting on May 17-18, 2024 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Istanbul. This special meeting, which we will organize for the first time, was inspired by the unique beauty of the Bosphorus and was planned with the aim of a traditional meeting. At this meeting, you will have the chance to listen to the speeches of the greatest masters in the international and national community, you will have the chance to watch the special techniques of master injectors one-on-one, you will gain deeper knowledge about injection anatomy, you will be able to watch many applications and you will be equipped with knowledge in the light of the most up-to-date information. We will be very happy to see you at the first meeting of this meeting, which we have no doubt will take its place as an indispensable meeting at international standards in the future.

We look forward to meeting you with the desire and excitement to learn new information at all times. We look forward to meeting our colleagues with the same enthusiasm in the unique beauty of the Bosphorus... Sincerely,

Dr. Esin Özlem ATMIŞ - Dr. İlker YÖRÜK